Dedalo Tres Tremolo



Dedalo Tres Tremolo


With its FET/LDR analog circuit which provides the most organic and warm tremolo, and its innovative μ-control technology, the Tres lets you create waveforms and sounds that had never been possible. From the classic "vibrato" of old amplifiers, to the rhythmic tremolo of the new mode Pulse. Anything is possible with the Tres.


  • Analog FET/LDR Circuit
  • 4 waveforms: sine, square, triangle and pulse
  • Beats control with 8 bar subdivisions
  • Control for symmetry of the LFO
  • Optical switch for functions Tap Tempo and Foot-Speed
  • True Bypass
  • 9 Volt D.C. (Battery Not Included)

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DEPTH: Depth of the tremolo effect.

MODE: Choose from four waveforms.

- Pulse: Square wave two rhythmic pulses. The oscillation cycle corresponds to one bar, where the first pulse falls on beat 1 and the second falls on beat 3. The controls BEATS and LFO SYM allow you to set the parameters for this mode.

- Triangle: Triangular waveform. Softer tremolo.

- Square: Square wave. Deep and cutting tremolo.

- Sine: Sine wave. The classical "vibrato" of old amplifiers.

BEATS: Active only in Pulse mode. The oscillation cycle is divided into the number of times (beats) indicated by this control: 4 • (dotted), 3, 4, 5, 8 • (dotted), 6, 8, 12.

Ex: if you select 5, the complete cycle is divided into 5 beats, creating a rhythm in 5/4.

LFO SYM: Symmetry of the waveform. Turn to the right to increase the rise time, and to the left to increase the fall time. In the center, the rise and fall times are equal.

In PULSE mode, it controls the duration of the second pulse.

RATE: Oscillation speed of effect.

TRUE BYPASS: Turns on/off the effect. The true bypass switch allows your sound to remain intact when the effect is off

CONTROL: Optical switch for the functions:

- Tap Tempo: Controls the effect speed by means of taping in the switch. To use it, simply tap in the switch three times, at the desired speed.

- Foot-Speed: Modifies the speed of oscillation of the effect. The rate will rise gradually to its maximum speed while the switch is pressed, returning to the speed indicated by the RATE control (or marked on Tap Tempo) when it is released.

Speed and mode change LED indicator: When changing Mode/Steps, the LED will blink indicating the change. For optimum performance, position the knob to the center of the desired value.