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  • Exploring the Triple Crown™ TC-100™ with Andy Timmons & Doug West
  • Post author
    Trent Blake

Exploring the Triple Crown™ TC-100™ with Andy Timmons & Doug West

We love it when our friends stop by the Tone Lounge with their guitars, especially when a video camera is available. And, what better way to get to know the vast array of tones a Triple Crown™ TC-100™ offers than to be a fly on the wall as guitarist extraordinaire, Andy Timmons, joins MESA’s Director of R&D, Doug West, for an in-depth exploration of this extremely versatile amplifier. Andy & Doug take us through a myriad of tonal options provided by TC-100 in the following video segments. Join them to experience all the inspiring places the Triple Crown TC-100 can take you.

Channel 1 Clean Tones & Attenuator

We start our journey with an in-depth exploration of the Clean and Clipped tones of Channel 1 - everything from a glassy clean with an airy feel to a crunchy mid-gain tone with a nice chime to the top end. Doug then demonstrates how the attenuator can be employed to highlight the added drive potential it offers for sweet clipping and vintage gain sounds, in addition to finding the sweet spot for quieter home playing and practicing.

 Channel 2 – Low & High Gain Tones

We continue down the tonal path with more great playing and examples of both great low and high gain tones that can be found in Channel 2. Here, Andy and Doug explore how various settings of the Treble and Presence controls can be dialed to achieve different character and feel. This clip provides a nice perspective of just how versatile Channel 2 of the Triple Crown series is.

 Channel 3 – Low & High Gain Tones

It may come as no surprise that Channel 3 of the Triple Crown™ TC-100 provides massive high gain potential, but it also offers a truly versatile range of lower and medium gain sounds for both rhythm and single-note playing. Doug dials in some tasty Tones with insights for sweet spot settings throughout the range while Andy offers up some fabulous riffs in a variety of styles to showcase the wide range of gain available in Channel 3.

6V6 Power Tube Tones – All Channels

The TC-100 allows you to use three different types of power tubes (EL34s, 6L6s or 6V6s) for different Tones and clip thresholds. While it ships stock with EL34s, you can simply trade out the 34s for 6V6’s to achieve lower output, earlier clipping and to access and the bouncy, juicy, traditional drive and feel provided by this classic tube. Andy plays some perfect riffs and styles to highlight where 6V6 power tubes really shine and Doug dials in more great tones from all three channels to illustrate how well this modern amp delivers classic 6V6 tones.

These videos were recorded with Andy’s signature Ibanez AT-100 guitar through his pedalboard and into the Triple Crown TC-100 head and a 2x12 Rectifier Compact cab. Mic’d with a Shure KSM 313 and a Shure SM57 and blended 50% each.

Click here to learn more about the Triple Crown TC-100.

Click here to learn more about the 2x12 Rectifier Compact Rectifier cabinet.

A huge thanks to Andy for the time to capture these in-depth videos and for his great playing & insights into Tone!

Check out the latest from Andy at:
facebook: Andy Timmons Official Page

  • Post author
    Trent Blake

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