Pre Amps and Power Amps

MESA/Boogie® pioneered the rack revolution in the 1980’s, quickly becoming the dominate choice for exceptional Tone, feel and reliability by the world's top players. Guitarist today benefit from our decades of tonal refinement.

For three years we worked day and night to deliver the sound and feel of our legendary Dual and Triple Rectifier® stacks …direct to tape. We delivered with the now famous Rectifier® Recording™ Pre-Amp.

Looking for endless possibilities? Store your favorite, iconic, all-tube Mesa® sounds into 90 user presets, mapped to any of the 128 midi program locations available in the TriAxis™ Programmable Pre-Amp.

From our classic STEREO 2:FIFTY™ POWER AMP to our legendary STEREO SIMUL-CLASS™ 2:NINETY™ our all-tube stereo power amps remain unrivaled.