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Tone Sessions: Charlie Hunter & "The Very Thing" – Walkabout, 1x15 / Lone Star 1x12 & CabClone


It's not everyday that we get to share with you a player using both a MESA guitar and bass rig simultaneously. The video above of Charlie Hunter performing in the MESA/Boogie Video lounge just hit MESA's social media channels and was too good not to share here.

Charlie Hunter has been entertaining people with his unique seven-string guitar+bass artistry for almost 20 years. Modeled somewhat after keyboard players who play bass with their left hand and comp and solo with their right hands, Charlie commissioned luthiers to build him an instrument that would support three strings of bass on the bottom and four strings of guitar on the top. He then began the process of working on the fingering, positioning and the sheer mental madness of putting grooves, chords, baselines and soloing together, and ultimately, bringing his own blend of jazz, funk, blues, rock and beyond, into something that you just have to see to believe.

A long time MESA Artist Endorsee and user of most of MESA’s bass amps and cabinets (and the Lone Star for a spell, as well), Charlie made some time in between dates on a West Coast run to play some tunes in the MESA Video Lounge. We’re proud to bring you some of his musical genius via the Tone Sessions and our thanks to Charlie for years of doing his thing with MESA gear.

Chalrie’s custom seven string instrument delivers two separate outputs from the two pickup configurations installed. The P-Bass styled bass output went to the Walkabout which powered a Traditional 1x15 Bass Cab. His humbucker styled guitar pickup went into the Lone Star 100W Ch. 1 Clean with Reverb set to 45%.

The Walkabout bass rig was recorded using a blend of the Post DI from the Walkabout and a Beyer-Dynamic Opus blended 50% each with light compression on the DI line.

The Lone Star/CabClone guitar rig was recorded with a 50% blend of the KSM 313 Ribbon Mic and The CabClone set to the Open Back Cab Sim with light compression on the CabClone. No additional effects or mixing/mastering were employed.

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