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Dedalo - Pixel Guitar Synth



Dedalo - Pixel Guitar Synth


With its 8-bit µ-control synthesizer, the Pixel transforms your guitar into new and powerful waveforms. Get ascending or descending octaves and fourths, and mix your direct sound with the analog-dry-thru design. Pixellate the sound with the aliasing control and generate harmonics that no distortion could ever get.


  • 8 bits µ-control synthesiser
  • Clean signal blend with Analog-dry-thru
  • Several powerful waveforms including square, triangle, sawtooth and M
  • Interval generation with Octave up, octave down, normal octave and fourth down
  • Aliasing effects by reduction of the sample rate
  • Digital mode
  • Internal compressor for greater sustain
  • Interactive waveshaping/aliasing control with optical footswitch
  • True Bypass
  • 9 volt D.C. ( Battery Not Included)

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LEVEL: output level of the synthesized signal 

BLEND: output level of the clean signal which is added in parallel to the effect

WAVE: Select the waveform of the synthesized signal between this five options, or engage Digital mode:
- Triangle
- Square
-  “M” wave
- Sawtooth Down
- Sawtooth Up
- Digital: in this mode, the synth is deactivated and the pedal outputs the original signal, with 8-bit resolution and affected by the Aliasing setting..

ALIASING: Controls the sampling rate reduction of the D/A conversion. This causes the addition of phantom frequencies (alias), creating strange harmonics and subharmonics of digital destruction.

OCTAVE: Selects the octave of the synthesized signal from this four options:
- Down: Suboctave. One octave below the played note
- 4th: Descending fourth (7 semitones below the note)
- Uni: Unison (same octave as the original sound)
- Up: One octave above the played note.
This control is active only when one of the synthesized waves is selected. For best results, position the knob to the center of the desired selection.

TRUE BYPASS: Turns on/off the effect. The true bypass switch keeps your sound intact when the effect is off.

 Optical switch which allows to control the sound process. When the synthesized waves are selected, it controls the wave synthesis, increasing the harmonic content, inversely to the action of a filter. When Digital mode is selected, it controls the sample rate.
By tapping on the switch, it selects the Ascending or Descending mode. 
In Ascending mode, the harmonics increase gradually up to the maximum level while the switch is pressed, returning to the normal sound when it is released. In Descending mode, the action is reversed.

LED: control mode indicator. The led lights up when Descending mode is engaged.