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Chase Bliss Audio

Chase Bliss Audio - Blooper


Chase Bliss Audio

Chase Bliss Audio - Blooper


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  • The Bottomless Looper

    Within this little blue rectangle is an intricate machine to explore, unravel, and make your own, with infinite opportunities and outcomes. The dream of blooper was to merge high-quality looping with creative manipulation, allowing you to steer your loops to new and extraordinary places. Record a loop one day, save, then come back and transform it on another.

    On the practical end, there is loop saving, eight layers of undo and redo, and external syncing. On the creative end, there are two channels of modifiers, a lo-fi Stability control, and three looping modes. blooper’s heart is Additive mode, which allows you to record sound modifiers directly into the loop like any other overdub.

  • Features

      • Normal: 

        Behaves like a “standard” looper. The key difference between Normal and Additive is how the modifiers / stability are treated. In Normal mode, you will be able to hear them, but they will basically be like external effects that come after Blooper (but do not apply to your dry signal). This way you can set up the sound just the way you like it, and record overdubs without things getting weird.

      • Additive: 

        Here, overdubbing while a modifier (or stability) is active will imprint it on the loop. Think of these effects just like your instrument: if you hear them, Blooper’s recording mechanism can too. If you want to use these effects but overdub your instrument as usual – that’s normal mode!

      • Sampler: 

        Sampler is a simple and immediate mode, with its own workflow. At its core, it lets you record and manually trigger samples, rather than looping. BUT ALSO, it can loop if you wish. Instead of overdubbing, each time you record, the previous loop is replaced by a new one. This can be great for stutter, or fast, performative looping. By default, Sampler mode is set to loop so you can smoothly move between modes without interruptions. Deactivate this by holding the right footswitch for manual one-shot sample launching. Like the other modes, samples will go through the modifiers and stability.

    • Notes

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