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Who can make use of a SUBWAY® BASS DI-Preamp?

Who can make use of a SUBWAY® BASS DI-Preamp?

Those of you active on the forums most likely already know how bassists have fallen in love with our SUBWAY® D-800 Bass Amp. These amps are turning up everywhere, as the rig of choice for touring artists, weekend warriors, praise & worship players and bass collectors & enthusiasts. What makes it so popular? Players tell us… 

  • It sounds spectacular and feels fantastic to play.
  • It is super simple to operate and easy to dial in a great tone.
  • It is built by the best in the business & backed with a superb warranty.
  • It is easy on the back (being both compact & lightweight)
  • It is easy on the wallet (at $699 USD Pro Net)

With the qualities of the SUBWAY D-800 in mind, we set out to replicate them in an ultra-portable DI-Preamp and we’re excited to share the mark has been met with the recent addition of the SUBWAY® BASS DI-Preamp to our SUBWAY family of Bass products. It captures the sound and feel of our D-800, uses the same easy to operate control arrangement, is crafted in our one & only shop in Petaluma, California, is extremely light, portable and affordable at $229 USD Pro Net.

Packed into a rugged yet small (2.51” Height x 6.875” Width x 5.27” Depth & weighing in at 1.26 lbs.) are the essentials from the SUBWAY D-800. Features include:

  • ACTIVE/PASSIVE Instrument Select
  • DEEP Switch
  • XLR Balanced and ¼” Unbalanced PREAMP Outputs with GROUND LIFT

The SUBWAY DI-Preamp has struck a chord with bassists, as they’ve been flying out our door since their arrival. What are some applications you can use this nifty tone tool for? Here’s what we’ve seen so far.

  • As a Preamp feeding a Power Amp that is driving cabinets. Stack the deck in your favor by adding our 40+ years of bass amp research & development in front of your favorite power amplifier and cabinets.
  • As a DI box / Preamp to feed a Front of House Console. From the SUBWAY DI-Preamp, send a Balanced Mic Level Signal to your sound man while using a Preamp Out jack to send signal to your rig (or not, if you don’t plan to use a rig). It is a fantastic device for bands that have the stage jumping with great amps or just as fabulous for those using In-Ear Monitors and keeping their stage volume to an absolute minimum. You can go direct to your PA while still enjoying the tone & feel of great playing amp.
  • As a Studio Preamp, both professional studio engineers and those working in their own home studios will love how easy it is to capture great bass performances with this Preamp in the signal path.
  • As a Preamp for a powered monitor, you can instantly turn a piece of PA gear into a happening bass rig.
  • As a backup plan. Should a problem arise with a bass rig during or just prior to a performance you’re prepared for the We all know it can happen and the true sign of a professional musician is being prepared. You may never have an issue with your bass rig but should the worst occur, the SUBWAY DI-Preamp could step in and save the day.

In studios both big & small, from festival stages to wedding bands running through a portable line array setup or from Friday night’s club date to a Saturday jam session and then to the side of the pulpit on Sunday morning, the SUBWAY DI-Preamp is an incredibly flexible bassist’s tool, designed to travel in your gig bag & deliver the goods no matter what the venue. - Learn more

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