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  • What distinguishes the Head-Track & Switch-Track from other switchers & routers?
  • Post author
    Trent Blake

What distinguishes the Head-Track & Switch-Track from other switchers & routers?

What distinguishes the Head-Track & Switch-Track from other switchers & routers?

Amp switching and signal routing is nothing new to MESA/Boogie. Many of you likely remember or perhaps even own the Rackmount Amp Switcher we designed and built in the 1990s. Certainly, there are several different ones currently offered by other manufacturers as well. So, what is it that sets MESA's new HEAD-TRACK™ Head + FX Loop Switcher and SWITCH-TRACK™ Buffered & Dual Isolated ABY Switcher apart from the myriad of other signal routing devices there are to choose from these days?

HEAD-TRACK™ Head + FX Loop Switcher

The HEAD-TRACK™ Head + FX Loop Switcher provides a compact switching solution between two amplifiers. Imagine, if you will, the ability to have the tonal options of two different amplifiers that are sharing one set of FX that are running to each of their effects loops and the signal from each amplifier being routed to a single cabinet or a single set of cabinets. There is an incredible amount of power and flexibility built into this small box and we worked diligently to be certain the switching is both lightning fast and as seamless as possible, with a concentration on ensuring the integrity of your tone is never compromised.

How would you like to be able to switch between your two favorite amps, utilizing your hand-picked effects (which route and switch seamlessly to the effects loop of whichever head you choose) all into the footprint of one cabinet (thus eliminating the need to carry more gear and take up more space)? Of course, you could also choose not to use the cabinet consolidation portion of the HEAD-TRACK and simply run separate cabinets off each amp while still taking advantage of the amp and FX switching. This handy tool adds to your rig's versatility.

SWITCH-TRACK™ Buffered & Dual Isolated ABY Switcher

The SWITCH-TRACK™ Buffered & Dual Isolated ABY Switcher not only permits a choice between Amplifier A, Amp B or combining both for simultaneous use but is MIDI programmable, with its switching options (including the Phase relation between Outputs A and B). For tube amp owners, this Phase relation switch is an extremely powerful feature because the phase relation between two amps can change as you change channels or modes within a tube amplifier (as the number of active stages within the preamp change). Since the SWITCH-TRACK will typically be employed at the start of a signal chain, it is also buffered to ensure tonal integrity. Built into it too are Dual Isolated Outputs that provide a quiet noise floor and guaranty consistent tonal integrity from both outputs! Most ABY switchers provide only one isolated output, which when given a listen, differs tonally from the non-isolated output. The Dual Isolated Outputs, MIDI control, and programmable Phase are features that put the SWITCH-TRACK switcher ahead of the pack. This is the ABY switcher you'll want switching any professional-grade rig.

Click here to see product features & specifications for these spectacular new tone tools.

Should you have any signal routing related questions, please feel free to give us a call, shoot us an email or hit us up on chat. 

Happy playing!

  • Post author
    Trent Blake

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